Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Which is better? or worse?

Is it better for kids (and adults) to eat their veggies with a not so healthy add in to make them tasty, than to not eat them at all?  Or is it worse?  Maddie is not a fan of green beans, at all.  I usually don't make them.  But, not wanting to accept defeat, I decided to give it another shot.  I had her help make them, which she LOVED, and I added cheese.  Cheese makes everything better!  But...  Well you get the idea.  Are you ready for some green bean pics?  LOL.     

As Maddie would say, "They're so stinky!" as she crinkled up her nose.

She ate a whole spoonful, but still didn't like them.  They are "slimy"...


  1. Try frying them in bacon and crispy, then they are not slimy anymore!

  2. They taste alot like fried okra!!

  3. I love fried and cheesy green beans, but they are far from nutritious. So are unhealthy green beans better than no green beans? LOL! I know, I should forget the green beans and serve them the few veggies they will eat.