Saturday, August 27, 2011

I'm a ninja!

I silently "yell" at the kids to shut up be quiet and stay where they are.  Then I crawl to Maddie's window and peek through a crack in the curtain.  LOL!  Maybe I'm a paranoid ninja...

Somebody pointed out that they misspelled murderer.  I probably would have never noticed.  Just like I didn't notice my dirty light switch plates until just the other day...eewww...are our hands really that dirty?  As I was cleaning them I thought, "Why can't I be more like my sister?  She would never have dirty light switch plates!".  LOL!!!  I love and miss you Kristan!   

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A nice crotch shot!

Oh I'm just kidding! Sorry. I will never use the word "crotch" on here again.
I am easily amused at times.
Well, I guess I needed new brake pads.
Thankfully I have a handsome handy husband to change them for me.
No more metal grinding noises when I use the brakes!!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of First Grade!!!

Thankfully Brady showed some excitement for school this morning! I wasn't sure if he was ready for it to start just yet.

He woke up all by himself! I told him about my plan to serve breakfast in bed and he was more than happy to hop back under the covers...but he HAD to get dressed first!
I pray he has an awesome first day and a very blessed year!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Look at this!

Don't laugh!
You can chuckle a little, but no laughing.
The box springs that we tried fitting into the bed with the "too short rails" is actually a twin XL. Yeah, it never crossed our minds to check the tag to see if the box spring was the problem. Now we have a twin XL box spring and 2 twin size bed rails. Ugh!

I just have to laugh about it, so I guess you can too. ;-)

The furniture store is going to have a reg. twin size one for us on Friday.
All will be well soon! 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A few of the little things

I thrifted this drawing for $5 a long time ago just for Maddie's big girl room.

New curtains!  LOVE them!

Yarn to crochet a throw for her bed and thrifted picture frame.  I got 4 frames (two are a little bigger than this one) for $6 total!!! 

A big fun magnetic chalkboard heart!

I am excited to pull it all together! 
On another note, Back To School Fun Week has been a big flop.  Boooo!  I NEED to have Maddie out of Brady's room...they like to talk.  Last night I finished the touch-up paint!  Tonight she is going to sleep back in her room with the mattress on the floor since her bed isn't done.  My bright idea to use the bed without the too short rails was going to be too much of a pain, so I finally ordered a twin frame with the hooks on each end for the headboard and foot board.  It was $70...yuck.

Also, Preston's b-day is coming up and I would like to invite anyone who can to come celebrate it with us!  I am open to which weekend works best for you guys...just let us know!  

Monday, August 15, 2011

Sanding is done!

While the sweet rugrats played in their little pool I sanded and MELTED. It was so hot!
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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Burnt, rare, and perfect (if you ask Preston)!

Back to School Fun Week

Day 1 wasn't so fun, but we are ending it with roasting marshmallows. The kiddos are ecstatic. I love how little ones are so easy to please!

Love them!

Once I finish the polka dots on the edges and do some touch-ups, I will be done with the hard part. I love how they turned out.

This week I am going to squeeze in as much fun stuff as I can with the kiddos before Brady starts 1ST GRADE!

75 and sprinkling!

How marvelous!
How wonderful!...

What's the next line?

I had to google it because I knew what I was humming was way off.

And my song shall ever be:
How marvelous! How wonderful!
Is my Savior's love for me!

It's stuck in my head now. I will be humming all day...oh well, it reminds me of my Granny!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Doing a happy dance!

Look! We have polka dots!!!!!
(and I haven't cried yet!) ;-)

Going for it!

With Preston's help, I am going to just dive in. I didn't want to waste all those circles I had cut out AND because I want so bad to be DONE!!! We will be looking at them for at least the next five years so I want to REALLY like them.

Attempt #2

I cut out circles with the cricut, put one row of them up, and don't like how it looks. I need a math wizard that knows how to work the cricut better than I do. Done for today. Tomorrow I am going shopping...I WILL have a better plan by Saturday!!!!

Polka Dots?

Well this isn't going to work.
It's going to be a long day!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 2 and 3...

We peeled paint off Maddie's new bed. It was $20! Yippeeee! But it didn't have rails. I paid another $10 for some at the Goodwill store. Guess what? A twin size mattress will NOT fit! The rails are too short...what size are they...who knows...I don't...stinkin' $10 rails...grrrr! I have an idea to make the bed work without the too short rails. It's a great idea if I do say so myself! Haha!
As you can see, I am still at it. One more coat of the "Misty Aqua" and then polka dots and I will be done painting her room!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Day one...

I painted one wall twice. That's it. That's all I got done! I am thinking it will take me more than a week to do everything I have planned. It will get done...maybe a month (or two) from now, but it will get done! You can kinda see my white wall in the first pic. Can you believe the first wall in our house to get painted is white now? LOL!
It makes me sad to know that we won't have a crib in our house again.  Why do they have to grow up so fast?