Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A nice crotch shot!

Oh I'm just kidding! Sorry. I will never use the word "crotch" on here again.
I am easily amused at times.
Well, I guess I needed new brake pads.
Thankfully I have a handsome handy husband to change them for me.
No more metal grinding noises when I use the brakes!!!


  1. ahhhhhh! Nightmares for a week..... Luv your sis...dixie

  2. Oooh nooo! Lol! No more crotch shots!

  3. Did it come with instructions that next time when you hear a grinding noise to let him know?

  4. No, but thankfully I know to tell him when there is a grinding sound! I only had to drive it a couple of days with the noise until Preston had a day off and was able to change them.