Saturday, August 27, 2011

I'm a ninja!

I silently "yell" at the kids to shut up be quiet and stay where they are.  Then I crawl to Maddie's window and peek through a crack in the curtain.  LOL!  Maybe I'm a paranoid ninja...

Somebody pointed out that they misspelled murderer.  I probably would have never noticed.  Just like I didn't notice my dirty light switch plates until just the other day...eewww...are our hands really that dirty?  As I was cleaning them I thought, "Why can't I be more like my sister?  She would never have dirty light switch plates!".  LOL!!!  I love and miss you Kristan!   


  1. Aunt Harriett (Everybody should have one.)August 27, 2011 at 10:25 PM

    I guess I should check my ninja outfit and my light switches.

  2. and while you are waiting in the car next week to pick up Brady just take along a canister of Lysol wipes and see how dirty the steering wheel is. Now that is what I call gross. I clean mine after every oil change, but if you forget once, it really piles on!!!
    I don't have any trouble remember the doors and the light switches....generally. Love to all!

  3. LOL! Aunt Harriett, I can picture you in a pretty fabulous ninja outfit. Oh Aunt Lois I can only imagine how dirty my steering wheel is. Gross!!! It will have to be cleaned!
    Love you both!