Thursday, January 17, 2013

I'm so forgetful!

Day 17/365

(Maddie after school-not a great pic, but the only one I took today)
On our way to cheer practice this evening I remembered it was picture day...  Ugh!  Her uniform, shoes, pom poms all at home.  Plus they were at 5:30 and practice was at 6 so we had already missed them.  I hate it when I completely forget about something!  They said she should be able to get hers taken at the game on Sat. while they are doing the basketball pics.  It's not a huge deal since I can just take one myself, but it bothers me that I forgot.  I guess I need to start using that calendar app that sends me alerts me if I have something scheduled. 


  1. First you have to remember to put it on the app! LOL! That's my trick! MOM Julie

    1. Yes! That would be a great first step! LOL