Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Back at it!

Day 8/365
Brady and Maddie had a great day back at school.  At 4 Maddie had gymnastics, 5:15 Brady and I had taekwondo, and finally at 6 was Maddie's Tiny Tigers taekwondo class.  We ate at one of our favorite Mexican food places and I ordered a side of their "killer" beans with flour tortillas.  YUM!  Come visit and we will most likely take you there.  So as I look back at my week thus far, I have talked mostly about food and sleeping... I apologize.  I live an extremely simple uneventful life.  And I'm definitely ok with that! 


  1. Just popped in to see what some of my favorite people are up to. And I got another pix. Doing good Sarah! Love it!