Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bubble Butt

Day 24/365

Maddie can spend hours out there playing with Lucy and anything else that will get her filthy!
 It was a great day!  I ran a little too much for my first run in weeks and now my knee is sore.  But I decided to get ready and take my Brady out for lunch!  We invited his friend Wayne and they chose McDonalds so they could play.  I bought a new skirt that was on sale!  I hope it's as cute on as it was in the pic.  We had taekwondo and luckily it was a pretty easy day.  For supper I fixed Malt-O Meal and the kids were not thrilled despite all the brown sugar added.  I bet they'll be super hungry in the morning!  Preston loved it so I call it a win.  :) A real meal will be prepared tomorrow!


  1. I Love Malto-Meal! Can I come to your house for supper?