Sunday, October 3, 2010

Questions and Pictures

1. Why does pop (Dr. Pepper!) have to taste so good? My rear end wants to know.

2. Why can't I say "no" ONE TIME and that be the end of it?

3. At what age can kiddos fold and put away laundry properly?

And dishes? ; )

4. Is drawing names for Christmas and giving one great gift better than dividing the Christmas budget up and getting everyone a little something?

5. What would the world be like if everyone was thoughtful of others everyday all the time and no longer had a "I just don't want to, don't feel like it, gotta do what's best for me" attitude? Hmmm...I want that.

6. Who created playdoh and what were they thinking?

7. Does anyone else crave chips dipped in ranch dressing and then into salsa? No? Oh you should try it now!

8. Will I ever be so blessed to live next door to my sister?

9. Why does Brady have such a hard time with the number 12?

10. Is it weird that my silverware drawer has to be organized in a certain order and everything (minus the plastic toddler spoons) put in it very neatly?

11. How does a mother who has lost a child get up each day and keep going on with life? My heart hurts for them and my prayer is that they find the peace that can only come from God.


  1. My rear end wants to know too!!! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Dixie

  2. I think I need some kind of support group like AA to be able to quit my Dr. Pepper habit. LOL!

  3. If we did not have Dr. Pepper how would we ever keep up with the kids?!!!! Dixie