Monday, October 4, 2010

Matching Hat

I made Brady a hat with the foot part of the Halloween socks that I used to make Madelyn's leg warmers! It's pretty cooool, just wish I could have sewn it so that the bats aren't upside down. Now he needs a cute, hehemm, I mean a totally awesome Halloween shirt to wear with it. ; ) He was not at all excited to be my model today.
In fact, he may have been a little bothered... or borderline mad. (Cartoons were on.)But wait!An almost smile!
Aahaaa! Pretty good, but he can do better.There it is! I love that smile!!!


  1. Love that smile too! Hi Brady!

  2. He is so good to his mama! Posing, bad boy lip curling,evil eyeing, rolling of the eyes just for her and the camera! And those gorgeous eyes! How does he do it? And he will even smile for his mama. How patient he is with you!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, ya! gma

  3. Madelyn loves chocolate just like her mama and other grandma. I reckon it's hereditary! Thanks madelyn for wishing grandma a happy bday! Loved talking with you last night. Gma

  4. Yes, he is very patient with me MOST of the time! That day he wasn't very excited, but he is still such a handsome little model despite the qrumpy looks he gave me.