Saturday, October 2, 2010

I'm A Bad Bribing Momma!

I did it. It's sad. It's frustrating. I bribed my kids to clean up their own mess. I have been busy sewing up a Halloween outfit for Maddie and while I wasn't looking they were...let's just say they were "having fun". So tomorrow I will be taking them to Wal-Mart so they can each pick out their own box of popsicles. Why, oh why did I let them get me! Eat five more bites and then you can go play...You don't have to eat if you aren't hungry, but you aren't getting anything else until the next meal! If you are really good in the store I will get you a book...What! You can be good in the store or you can get a spanking! Why do we feel the need to bribe them to do the things that they should just do? I was so not bribed growing up! I did what my parents told me to do because they simply told me to and I knew what the consequence would be if I didn't. And yes, I tested them on occasion. Bribing or making it a contest to get them to do stuff irritates me. A LOT! Can you tell? LOL! I think it really comes down to teaching them to have respect. Respect for me and Preston, respect for adults, respect for their belongings, respect for other peoples belongings, etc. They also need to learn to be grateful, but I won't get started on that. : ) I try my best not to bribe, but often fail. I vow to quit taking the easy road and love them by teaching them to respect. It's the parents responsibility to teach them right from wrong. We are responsible for how they act and treat things/people...manners are so important! Ok, I'm done with my little pep talk. I can do this whole parenting thing!

This isn't the actual mess from today, but you get the idea.

Halloween socks into leg warmers! Here they are as thigh highs, lol!

I hope to have the whole outfit to show you soon!

While in negotiations Brady asks, "Can we eat them whenever we want?" I gave him my "really?" look. He must think I'm a ding bat! Oh yeah, I am.


  1. I have such cute are getting very good at photography and also at writing!!