Monday, October 11, 2010

For King Pot Head

Brady's shirt is going to have good old Frank painted on it. He is going to be a white Frank and it looks like it's going to take several coats of paint to get him there. When he is the perfect shade of white, like my legs, I am going to use embroidery floss to stitch around the collar and sleeves. Soon it will look grrrrreat...I hope! To keep the kiddos busy and from destroying the house, we all made sock puppets. I made mine quick so I could get started on my projects and Brady wanted his to be a ghost so it didn't take him long either, but Madelyn didn't quite understand the task at "hand". He!He! She colored and colored and colored and just when I thought she was done she needed to color some more, with a different color of course. They played with them for hours! At some point Brady found the "cooking pot" hat that he made at school last month while studying Johnny Appleseed. He said, "Look at me mom, I'm King Pot Head!". And he just kept saying it (probably because I was laughing at him and ran to get the camera), "I'm King Pot Head! I'm King Pot Head! I'm King Pot Head!". LOL!!!! ; )


  1. LOL! He had no idea why I was laughing at him, but he loves to make us laugh so he kept saying it.