Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekend Fun

Preston's parents wanted to see the kiddos before school started and spoil them a little. They took them swimming, to the movies, shopping, and to the space museum! Needless to say, they had a blast!!! I got to hang with my SIL Dixie (Hi!) and adorable 2 months old niece Daisy. We had fun! I stayed out past my bedtime watching movies at the drive-in theater, shopped, loved on Daisy, and went to a flea market. Dixie spotted the PERFECT chairs for the craft table!!! I am going to have to take her thrifting with me from now on! Thanks Dixie! I think we all had a wonderful time this weekend!

Dinner at Rib Crib

They were worn out!

So precious!!!

Beautiful Blue Eyed Girl

Flea Market...Whoohoooooo!

70s. Orange. Perfect!

I am worn out too! Tomorrow is Brady and Madelyn's yearly check-up and I haven't told them yet. I think I will wait until we are driving up to the Dr.'s office to fill them that mean?


  1. THAT is orange. They will do just fine at the checkup. Love you guys and miss you bunches

  2. I had lots of fun with u too sarah!!! DIXIE

  3. Love and miss you bunches too mom!!!

    We will have to do it again sometime Dixie!

  4. Gma and pa were worn out too, but ready to go again!!! Maddie, can I have your swim hat? Did Mom make it? Love gma

  5. My beautiful Daisy!!gma

  6. She is so beautiful! No I didn't make the hat, but I need to learn how!