Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Looking Up

One evening last week it was nice enough to let the kids ride their bikes! I asked them, "Do you guys want to go ride your bikes?" They screamed, "Yeaaaah! Can we? Can we? Pleeease!!!" I smiled and said, "Go ask your dad." Preston was just sitting there listening to our conversation, knowing what was about to happen. As they were walking out the door I yelled, "Can you take the camera and get a few pictures for me?" He was thrilled. Not really. But when they came back in he couldn't wait to show me his pics! Here are a few that I played around with on photoshop.

Madelyn rode so fast she had wind blown hair. Ok not really, that is how she left the house...oh well. Do you see her yellow shoes? I guess she wanted them to match her bike, not her outfit.

They look like trouble!

He has figured out how to slam on the breaks and leave a tire cool!

Brady and Madelyn's check-up went great! They both passed the hearing and eye exams with flying colors. Maddie had to get two shots and didn't cry at all! I stopped by Brady's school to get the papers that needed to be signed by the Dr. and was able to talk to his teacher while I was there. She told me that there are only going to be 11 kids in his class!!! I am so excited!

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