Monday, August 30, 2010

No Tears Here

It's official! I have a kindergartner!!! He is going to a great school and will be out at noon everyday so there is no need for crying. Next year will probably be a different story. Mrs. NolandHe sat down and started putting together the puzzle blocks forgetting all about us being there.
Preston: Bye Brady!
Me: Have a great day and listen to the teacher!
Brady: Oh, you guys are still here? Ok. I will.
Me: Love you!
Brady: Love you too mom.Maddie saw all the kids playing and didn't want to leave. :(
She is kinda lost without her Bubba!
Friday evening we made Brady's cake and they LOVED holding the eggs.Mmmmmm!
Brady wanted a Spiderman cake but he got a spider web one instead. LOL! He was happy and that's what counts, right?But first thing Saturday morning, before the pizza and cake, I woke them up to breakfast in bed! Brady thought I was the greatest mom in the whole world and kept telling Preston we need to do something really nice for Momma because she is so nice to us. Aaaah, he is the sweetest thing ever!Maddie (in her Santa pj's) didn't really understand why she was eating in bed, but was thrilled to have a waffle! I am so blessed!!! Hope everyone has a wonderful week!


  1. Breakfast in bed! Wow! Maybe the kids and Preston will surprise you one day with breakfast in bed!! hint.. hint...

  2. That would be nice...maybe some day!

  3. Looks like the pancake man is Sarah! What do you think Preston? My little snug a bugs! Love Sarah and her blog Happyyyyyyyyyyyy 30th again to you know who? What do you mean don't cry, my little grandkids are growing up and in Schoool? No way!! Smart toooooooooo! love, gma