Sunday, August 1, 2010

Little Pizza Pros

It has been another sunny and HOT but wonderful Sunday. I was asked to take care of the nursery until they can find someone to take over. I'm not thrilled. It's not my calling...or is it? No, it can't be! But watching a tiny 6 month old bounce around in a Johny Jump Up for her first time made my heart smile. She loved it! Tonight we made, or should I say topped, some pizzas for supper. Fun was had by all!

Mom please just take the picture...I really can't open my eyes...It's too bright! After all we do live in a cave!




Oven ready!




It was easy, delicious, and fun for the kiddos! My sister and her family drove to Denver today to spend the week with my mom and Alvin. Jealous I am! I feel like I am missing out and I AM! Have fun, I miss you, and call to tell me what you are up to so I can sit here alone and cry. Just kidding...a little! ;-) Love you!!!

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