Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thrifting Thursdays: Fabric and Sheets

The fabric is a Goodwill find and the sheets I bought on eBay! I am using the sheets on Maddie's bed for now. Her bed...what a's painted, put together, and we now have more problems. The box spring and mattress sit too high and there is a big gap between the mattress and rail on each side. The mattress is too narrow for some reason. We bought the headboard and foot board for $20 thinking we had one heck of a deal. After sanding, painting, and buying two sets of rails, we are out $130 now and the bed just isn't working right! Throw it out and buy new? Figure out a way to alter it? Burn it?!
We'll see...


  1. we ran into the bed being to high for erickson so we do not use the bed spring mattress and the mattress is to narrow and you can see the wood bed springs. he doesnt seem to mind... she wont either..good luck.

  2. Thanks! I am going to have to buy a piece of plywood to give the mattress some support if we decide to not use the box spring. Preston doesn't like the idea, especially since we just bought the box spring...but that is the easiest fix. She loves it just the way it is and could care less if looks right, I do though!

  3. Sarah and Preston,
    Mom has a mattress she keeps trying to give away. You might ask her to measure it and see if it is bigger than the one you have. It might be since it is older. It hasn't been slept on much either. It is under her twin bed in the office room. Julie Mom

  4. Thanks Julie! If we can't get this one to work I will give her a call!