Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thrifting Thursdays: Chair/Step Stool and Dresser

Have you ever found something that reminds you so much of GRANDMA'S HOUSE?  I'm sure you have...they are pretty special places filled with pretty special things. My Grandma had two chairs very similar to this one. (one was a really awesome olive green color) There were numerous fights and tears shed through the years over who would get which chair. All was right with the world if I won the battle and got the chair of my choice...until it was placed next to Grandpa. After we said the prayer and he still had a hold of our hands, he would "milk the cow" by squeezing our fingers in the most painful way. Grandpa was an ornery one that loved to tease and joke around with us. I miss him. I miss Sunday lunches there. Grandma makes a mean pot roast. I miss the cookie jar filled with cheap hard sandwich cookies. I loved the peanut butter ones!

When I saw the chair I immediately wanted it, buuut Preston was with me and lets face it, my Goodwill to do list is long enough.  At $6 I knew I couldn't pass it up, so it came home with me!!!  Once it gets a new look, I am going to put it in my kitchen for the kiddos.  They always want to "help" me and now they can pull this over, climb up, and make a mess get to work!  One day a similar chair will remind Brady and Madelyn of me and our fun in the kitchen...I hope.

This dresser is getting a makeover at the moment.  It was $20 and that's not really a bargain if you ask me, but I needed a smaller dresser for Maddie's little bedroom.  I am going to paint it with three different colors and then sand and distress it. 
***I've yet to distress anything.  Ever.  Wish me luck!*** 


  1. my grandma had a chair just like that too! but her's was yellow.

  2. I love yellow! (but you know that)

  3. I don't remember that Olive green one, if you are referring to Granny Harper and Gramps.

  4. oh yeah,.... and distressing will be the easiest part. I just did that to a frame ...

  5. My Grandma Pope had the chairs. I don't have very many memories of Gramps...wish I did.

    Good! I hope it turns out the way I picture it in my head. Lol!