Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Beginnings, Bushes, and Bunnies

Today Maddie began her many years of school!  She has been waiting for this day since Brady started preschool 2 yrs ago, so I was really excited for her (and me)!

We were shocked when we stepped outside this morning to see and smell smoke!  The fires aren't super close, but I felt so anxious.  I pray for those being affected by the fires and for those fighting to put them out.
By noon the smell wasn't so bad.  Preston got to work taking out the bushes by our entry way.  It's looking better already!  That is some sad sad crispy grass...blah.  I hope next spring we will get to completely redo the front yard and start from scratch.      

Does anyone else have cow bones hiding in their bushes?  LOL!  They are suveniers from adventure hikes in the pasture behind our house.  I will be throwing them away now, which is what I should have done in the first place.
We found baby bunnies, at least that's what we think they are.  ;-)  I hope the momma comes back for them!


  1. Maddie is growing up so fast! Loved seeing her 1st day of school!

  2. She did great! I'm so proud of her!!!