Saturday, September 3, 2011

Backpack Project

I promised Madelyn when we bought her boring (cheap) backpack that I would put her name on it or do something to make it super cute.  I love how easy to please she is and realize that won't be the case for long!  

Fabric collecting (some would call it hoarding) is a hobby of mine.  Can fabric collecting even be a hobby?  Sure it can!  I don't think I've used any of it, but have good intentions of doing so when the right project comes a backpack needing to be personalized!  I dug through my fabric drawers, found these, and just smiled proudly thinking to myself, "See!  I knew they would be perfect for something one day!"!!!!  I can't wait for Preston to get home so I can tell him "I told you so!" show him what I've been up to!  (Not that he will really care, but I have to say he is pretty good at pretending to most of the time.)

I better go get busy so I actually have something to show him.  I'll be back to show you too!  I know I know, you can't hardly wait...ha!  ;-)

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