Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Burse

I wanted a purse.
It ended up more like a bag.
So I am calling it a "burse".
I winged it because I didn't have a pattern...
so please do not judge.  I know that can be hard, but just try.  ;-)
(oh, I know you wouldn't do that!)

I used embroidery floss to add a few details and crocheted a bow.

The strap ended up being too long so I added the two knots to shorten it up.

As you can see here, I already have a very cute bag (thanks to my awesome friend Annie!).  I didn't need another one!

Right now I am using it for all my yarn and crochet projects.  It helps keep me from having yarn everywhere and I can even take it in the car with me when we are traveling!

So now I have another bag or burse...hmmm...what should I do with it.
This stripe fabric is the inside of the pockets.

This is the fabric inside the burse.

Does it look too "kiddish" for a 30ish mom? 


  1. nahhhh. Wear it with confidence that you are still young and can get away with carrying it.

  2. Just don't put it on your head and wear it for a hat, The "Red Hat" ladies would be jealous. LOL

  3. And I also like the name Burse. Maybe it'll catch on.

  4. Definitely won't be wearing it as a hat! lol!

  5. It's soo cute you can never have too many burses. I love the blanket stitch around the edges.

  6. The last purse I tried to make ended up a burse too. the handle is way too long the opening is way too small and the bag part is way too big. But I dont have any more material to do anything about it. Oh well...

  7. Oh no! We shall try again!!!