Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I Had Good Intensions To Eat You

But there you sat and were ignored. Now just look at you!

At least you haven't started growing "hair"!


  1. I bet you had good intentions for that cantaloupe!
    As far as poo poo head, let's just say she learned it listening to the boys at my house. They just thought it was hysterical calling people and things poopoo head while visiting. And you know g-pa isn't much help when they are laughing hysterically LOL! All I can say is Sorry for boys/men sense of humor LOL gramma

  2. Lol! I had a feeling they had been calling each other a poo poo head, but it really caught me off guard when she said it me. I was like WHAT?!?! Ha! I think we got it taken care of (hopefully!). Boys... ;-)

  3. Yeah, I would have done the same thing. We will nip it in the bud. Or try?!