Tuesday, February 1, 2011


1. Maddie has croup.
Her fever got up to 103.8 several times.  She wheezed so bad and had a honking cough.  She didn't want to drink and barely ate.  It got worse at night.  BUT today I can see the life coming back to her!  She is calling Brady a "silly head", asked to wear a dress, and is off the couch and playing!  The last couple days were scary.  I pray it doesn't get worse again tonight.
Maddie in her yellow dress today feeling much better.

2.  Preston officially became the store manager in Commerce on Saturday!  The kids and I drove down to eat lunch with him on his first day.  It was fun to drive around the town and explore a little AND check out all the houses we saw with for sale signs.  I am so excited to move!  I'm not sure I can wait until school is out.

3.  Yesterday my brother met his son for the first time!  They are adopting a 3 yr old little boy and naming him Jerrett.  He is a cutie for sure!  They are bringing him home on Thursday!!!  Congratulations!!!!!!!!

4.  Brady is feeling good as new!  He loves to hear  how he did a "totally awesome" job every single time he blows his nose.  LOL!  He was a very concerned and helpful big brother.

STAY WARM!!!!!    

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