Saturday, September 18, 2010

Before and After

This beautiful young lady is my niece Kiah. My sister asked me to take their family pictures back in July. I was so excited and nervous to do it! My strategy was to take a lot and hope for a few good ones. They turned out really good and was actually shocked at how many good ones we got. I didn't shoot them in Auto mode, but I'm not knowledgeable on all the settings on my camera so I just guessed a little and liked what I was getting. This first picture is a straight out of camera shot. I love this one of Kiah! She is very photogenic! But it needs some help. I have never taken a photography or photoshop class so I am having to learn on my own and it is a little overwhelming. I know there is so much you can do in photoshop and want to know it all! Today I was determined to learn something new so I read a blog that has some photography/photoshop tips and then practiced with this picture.


After (using Photoshop Elements)

It isn't perfect but so much better! There is so much to learn. Have a wonderful weekend!!!

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