Monday, September 20, 2010

Sweet Summer, Please Don't Go

I am not ready for the cold and having to get all bundled up every time we leave the house. ;-( We soaked up the sun one last time at the pool today. Not the cutest feet, but I think it says "summer" perfectly!

They just wouldn't let him float in peace.

Brothers...they like to splash a lot!

Such a monkey!

On the up side, with the cold comes Christmas!!!


  1. Last week I heard it is only 100 days until Christmas!!! Bye Bye summer..... Dixie

  2. Autumn is definitely here in Ok. Had some pretty days, though I miss summer too! Can't wait to go swimming with ya'll again! Such a cool Daddy! And bare feet sure set the mood for summer. Like it! It may be only 100 days till Christmas but only 14 days till my birthday! And Kia and Ryan too! gma

  3. Yes, there are a lot of October birthdays for us! I hope yours is wonderful!!!