Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Branson Part 2

We are home and back to reality. :-( It was a wonderful vacation while it lasted though! The shopping and hotel where my favorite parts of our trip. Why, you may ask? Well because without kids they are so much more enjoyable! The showboat and museum were good too, but I could have just as easily enjoyed them with the kiddos. Shopping and hotel...not so much! I am convinced that if we didn't have kids we would be perfectly happy living here in this hotel forever! I wouldn't need a house to clean or even a full kitchen to cook in. Nope, across the street is a shopping center and restaurants to feed me!

I love outlet malls!!!

The beautiful lobby.

Check out the curvy hallways!

My handsome husband turned "30" on Saturday! He was so excited! Well, not really.

I really do want to live here, but I am pretty sure it just wouldn't look the same with toys everywhere.

The view of the shopping center from our room. We walked over every evening to stroll through the shops or eat dinner.

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