Friday, July 23, 2010

A Challenge

I am tired, more mentally than physically. Organizing a closet is not one of my strong points, to say the least. I want everything to have a place and it still look organized AND is easy to get to. Not easy! And I haven't figured out how to make it happen. But I am not giving up!

What we did today...

Enjoyed a yummy pepperoni calzone!

Tackled this closet.

Made this mess...

And this...

But I am so proud of my big boy for
putting together this puzzle all by himself!

Tomorrow I will attempt to put the closet back together the best I can. I really hope I have time to do something fun with the family and maybe even get a sewing project done. We'll see!


  1. love the booster seat idea!! j

  2. So my little Daisy has her matching outfit? Hope I can get Miss Maddie and little Daisy together for a perfect match!!! j

  3. Does everyone in the world see this? j

  4. Thank you Julie! Yes, anyone can see this if they know my blog address or stumble upon it. I hope we can get the girls together soon and can't wait to hold little Daisy!!!