Sunday, July 25, 2010

Booster Seats and no more Dora, please!

Hello! I am waiting to watch Big Brother with Preston so I figured it was the perfect time to tell you about our day. Not really much to tell. I watched an adorable sweet baby girl this morning during Sunday School and the service. As soon as it was over I picked Preston up from work and rushed to TaMolly's, hoping to beat the rush. Man is that a busy place! I finished up one sewing project and began another. Meanwhile, I have listened to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Blues Clues, and Dora. I don't want to rush my kiddos to grow up, I know that will happen too fast on it's own, but can't wait for the day they don't want to watch Dora!

What we did today...

A quick pic before church.
Madelyn tried so hard to keep her eyes open for me.
It was an extremely bright sunny morning!

Tablecloth booster seats...

with a cute tie in the back!

They work pretty good! To bad they are already coming apart.
I need to use a stronger waterproof fabric and foam instead of poly-fil.

Not sure what these will be just yet, but probably a blanket or burp cloth.
Fun fabric!

Tomorrow is going to be a long day. I just have that feeling! We need groceries oh so badly and that means a trip to Wal-Mart. Ugh! This morning we were out of pop tarts and milk for cereal. We were running short on time so I couldn't fix something. No problem! I zipped in and out of the Dollar General on our way to church and they ate their breakfast during Sunday School. We just might have to make a stop at the doughnut shop in the morning on our way to WallyWorld. It's starting to sound like a great day already! ; )


  1. I am so impressed with your sewing.You make it look like fun! Erickson & I have enjoyed looking at the pics and reading about ya'lls crazy life. DIXIE

  2. Thanks Dixie! Sewing IS fun!!! As soon as I get the right fabric I am going to make Erickson, Brady, and Madelyn super hero capes! My kiddos are always asking me to tie blankets around their necks so they can FLY! LOL Give the kiddos hugs and kisses for us!