Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Valentine's Day cards and other stuff...

Day 36/365

Brady struggles focusing while doing his math work (well really all subjects) and had a B on his report card once this year.  He was back up to an A on the last one, but it has taken some work.  If he brings home 100s he gets a "treat" of some sort.  Today he picked out a little bow and arrow from the Dollar General.  He tried to help Maddie figure it.
Confession:  I ate Double Stuffed Oreos for supper tonight.  Lol!  I wasn't really hungry but craving an oreo...so I ate 4...280 calories worth!  They were SO GOOD dipped in milk, of course!  Tomorrow is my weigh-in for the week, will I have lost the two lbs. I gained last week or have added another.  I weigh everyday right now and am journaling it, so I am pretty sure I will be down the 2 and possible 1 more.  We shall see!
Here are the Vday cards I created using their pics and picmonkey.com.  I wish I had edited them differently because the coloring is off (especially on the printed out picture).  I will fold them in half, put Laffy Taffy in a clear bag, and then sew the folded pic to the top of the bag.  Cute!  I'll be sure to show off my final product.  ;-)