Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thrifting Thursdays: Dresser Before/After and Antique Bedspread

I finally finished Maddie's dresser that I found at the Goodwill! You can tell it was my first time to paint and distress a piece of furniture, but I LOVE it!

It has a wonderful fun surprise inside it!
I used Mod Podge and tissue took a little time but was super easy to do!
Who doesn't want to see happy polka dots smiling back at you everytime you get your undies out of the drawer?  ;-)
I found this lovely little chenille bedspread on Etsy.
Love, love, LOVE it!!!  It's perfect!


  1. absolutely wonderful..... I am impressed! You did a superb job - on all of it.

  2. It has came together quite well. Julie Mom