Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My hopes for them

I hope they will know a real personal relationship with God.
I hope they will always treat others the way they want to be treated; and when they fail to, I hope they won't be too proud to apologize.
I hope they will be giving and not tell anyone that they do.
I hope they will grow up to be respectful adults.
I hope one day they are proud of Preston and I and appreciate the childhood they had, but don't judge or feel above others who didn't.
(This was going to be our Christmas card pic but it was blurry every time I uploaded it so no Christmas card went out this year...so...Merry Christmas!!!!)
I can get anxious when I think too much about the future of these two. Then I remind myself--God loves them even more than I do. No matter what happens, I will trust in Him.

A few things I want to add...
It's hard with Preston's schedule over the holidays, but I really try to give both sides of our family quality time.  It's important to both of us and we do our best.
We are thankful for Preston's job and I feel I should be appreciative and not complain about Walmart and his schedule.  Maybe one day it will change for the better.

Here is something I am working on and maybe others could too...
DON'T JUDGE!  Being a Mom is hard enough, we don't need Moms judging Moms.  Don't think you are better than a Mom that lets her kids watch cartoons.  You aren't better.  Think of all the things we can judge other Moms on, cartoons is just one of a million.  Stop it.  You may do things differently and they work for you, but keep your opinions to yourself.

Also, I'm not sure why people want to focus on this, but...
Whether you buy your kids 3 presents for Christmas or 20, as long as you are teaching them about Jesus daily (by our words and actions) and especially through the month of December why we celebrate Christmas and the importance of giving, you are no better than the other. 

There is such a fine line between telling others what we do and why we do it and judging others who do it another way.   


  1. Terry and I think that you and Preston are doing a wonderful job as parents. Like you, we are proud that Preston works so hard at being such a good provider, and we are proud that you work so hard taking such good care of your family and doing it with love and artistry! Everyone who knows you understands what it takes to be a retail manager during Christmas. We all want you to enjoy these holidays and not be stressed out about how your precious little time gets parceled out. God bless and keep you all!

  2. Thank you so so much Aunt Harriett!!!

  3. Have mercy on me, I sure hope these comments aren't about us or that people think they are. I love my daughter in law like my own and pretty much think she and my daughter can do no wrong! Please mom's of all ages let's band together instead of tearing each other's style apart. I can remember my insecurities of being a young mom with young kids and it helped when other mom's would tell you something they thought was so cool that you were doing and it hurt soo bad when they would attack you because you weren't doing it their way. Have faith girls, I have the most wonderful children in the world and they picked the most wonderful people to marry. MOM julie

  4. Christmas is too stressful. Do what you can and let the rest slide. That's my motto Julie

  5. No Julie, this isn't about you at all. I worried you would think it was...and my family who reads my blog know why I said what I said. I let someone get the best of me and I hate that they did, but not any more...it won't happen again. Thank you for your kind words. I am blessed! We will see you guys soon!

  6. Looking forward to it! I'm sure Preston told you what I shared and all is okay. He even assured you I wouldn't think it was about us, but I just wanted to be for sure. Always let me know if there is a problem and we will work on it. Love you guys a lot and take care! When Christ is for us, so who can be against us!