Monday, July 4, 2011

POP-ITS and...

Preston surprised them with some POP-ITS and pull string poppers. Not only is he the best Dad in the whole world, but you would have thought he was Santa Claus from Brady and Madelyn's reaction! There is so much fun in that little yellow box...I do remember!

(here is a pic of the bargain patio furniture with its new cushions and the swingasan chair my Momma got us...LOVE it Momma, thank you!)

"Daddy can we pleeeeease pop these now!"

So excited, they can't hardly stand it!

Maddie decided she was going to put her head in the water.  It's a BIG DEAL!

Well, almost...

LOL!  I had to show the face she made after her attempt.  Don't laugh.  Ok ok, you can laugh!  I did.

Also, I'm not saying it happened, but it may be possible for two adults and two kiddos to have a blast in that little pool.  I am thankful we don't have neighbors!  You know, just in case that were to happen.


  1. My pleasure and you are too funny! Looks like a great time on the 4th.♥♥♥♥

  2. Yeah Maddie!!!!!!!!!! You just gotta do it again, so when Grandma and pa come down you can show us how cool it is to put your head under water! Grandma

  3. Can't wait to see you Mom...

  4. She will keep working on it just for you Grandma!