Wednesday, July 13, 2011

#2 talk (sorry)

What a sweet little chirpper! It's almost cute.
Thankfully the nest is in the tree and not on the light fixture in our entryway. I knocked down a nest (nothing in it) about a week ago, scrubbed the mountain pile of poo off the cement, and had Preston place a plastic snake up there. Our neighbor (just up the road), which also happens to be our pastor, told us about the snake tip to scare the birds away. This was after he trekked through the poo to ring our doorbell. Ugh! A little embarrassing, but these birds just don't give up. We have knocked one down before and man can they rebuild fast! Anyhoo, sorry to all who have had to dodge the doo doo when visiting us...I hope the freaky looking plastic snake does its job!


  1. You guys are real sweeties to the birds! And I don't blame you for not wanting anymore after being dive bombed daily from MAMA bird in Paris! But, I sure enjoyed it when she chased the guy across the parking lot! Teach him to mess with a MAMA Bird and Preston's tools!!!!!!!!

  2. That was funny!!! So far, the Mama birds here are a little less violent. They just poop more! ;-)