Thursday, April 12, 2012

Catching up

Sorry I'm not doing a very good job keeping this little blog going. :( I'm hopeful to have an April header sometime in April! ;-)
I haven't been taking pics like I normally do, but these phone pics will get you caught up on what we've been up to.
We had this dog show up at our house.  The kiddos named him Argenot (after a dog in a movie) and he was really sweet.  We left for a weekend and he was gone when we got back.  And we kinda miss him.

We have been working hard outside.  All the bushes that lined the front of the house are gone and we put in two flower beds, one on each side of the entryway.
Above is after the bushes are gone but before we started the flower bed.

After...much much better!

We added window boxes (basket thingies ;-) to two of the windows.

We made a quick trip to Arkansas to see my sister and Miah run a half marathon!  13.1 miles!!!

They trained so hard for it and I am proud of both of them!
 Brady and Maddie had Easter parties at was a busy busy week!
Family came to see us!  We had a picnic in the park and Grandma bought us ice cream much fun!

Grandparents spoiled them with all kinds of Easter goodies!
Thank you!!!
Ready, set, go!

I love you all!!!!!


  1. Omg... ♥♥♥ seeing the pics and catching up. Thanks so much. I miss out on so much being so far away :( The flower beds look awesome and it looks like they had so much fun hunting eggs. Oh and (the kids) do need a dog! ♥ya'll!

    1. You won't be so far away day! I knew you would like the flower beds! And yes, we need a dog to love day! ;-)

    2. I also just noticed the picture of Brady with a missing tooth! How cute...did the tooth fairy come?

    3. LOL!!! No, he hasn't lost anymore teeth. Julie and Ronald gave them plastic silly teeth and they are pretty funny looking with them in!

  2. Great looking flower beds!!! Looks like lots of Easter fun! Wow, what an adoring look Maddie is giving her big brother.... He is an awesome big brother!

    1. Thank you Aunt Lois!!! I hope you had a great Easter too! Zoe's dress was too cute...she is growing so fast.

    2. Sarah and Preston are so good to us when we come visit! I have the best daughter in law and son. I also love Brady and Madelyn, they make me feel special when we see them. And they are so special to us! Mom Julie

    3. Aaaaw, thanks Julie! Thank you for traveling so far to visit us. It was fun! We love you guys!!!