Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tonights dinner face and...

Sorry I haven't been around much.  It's been tough getting back to reality after our 12 day trip to see family. 

I can't seem to get the house in order the way I would like it. 

Sleep sleep sleep...it's all I want to do. 

January not only brings a new year, but weight loss advertisements out the wazooo!  I have come to the conclusion that, just like patience, not everyone has the same "amount" of willpower.  In high school I could practically starve myself.  (I'm not saying that's a good thing.)  Now...now it's hard to find any amount of discipline.  What has changed?  No clue.

I didn't have Brady read while we were away.  Big mistake!  He was doing so good; now it seems like a struggle for him.  He is constantly wiggling around as he reads and doesn't seem to ever REALLY be focused.  I pray it's just a phase and he is adjusting back to our "school routine" a bit slower than I'd like.

I hope we all get to feeling a bit more peppy very soon.  


  1. What a cute face! I will pray for Brady. He will get back where he was with reading. It will just take time, patience and prayer. Don't beat yourself you are a good Momma! ♥♥♥You!

  2. I'm getting ready to go back to work after vacation. I think I too will be wiggling around and not really focused for awhile. He'll get back into the groove. It's a shock to the system!!

  3. You're right! Time. It will take some time!