Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas! It's that time of Year!!!

Here we are waiting for the Christmas parade to begin. The horn got honked a few times. ; )
On Wednesday night we made gingerbread houses at church.
Preston put our tree up...with the assistance of some eager little helpers.They decorated the front two bottom branches beautifully.I'm just kidding, they did a really good job this year. Then they posed so sweetly for me.We made some mini bell shaped cherry and apple pie turnover thingies. Ha, say that five times!Yum!Sunday they were in the children's program at church.They did very good and are so precious!
After church we went to the Christmas party/fundraiser at Brady's school. I took a quick pic after our horse and carriage ride. Brrr, it was cold! And the mice were a big hit!

I have a couple of prayer request, if you would. Our pastor now has cancer in his liver as well as his lungs. The doctors told him without chemo he has 2 months and with the chemo up to a year. We are praying for a miracle...complete healing! I also pray for God's peace and comfort to pour over him and his family.

The store manager Preston has been filling in for has quit! After Christmas they will be doing the interviews for the position. Please pray for Preston throughout this long process and that we will hear and be obedient to God as He leads and directs us.

Thank You! I hope you all are enjoying this holiday season too!

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  1. Hello little family,

    Love the pics of the kids in the snow. Post some more stuff, please! We really like your pictures. Love, Aunt Harriett