Monday, November 1, 2010

My "Getting Caught Up" List

1. Brady's Halloween party at school was a success!
I ended up only making the bones and spiders and buying pizza and cookies. The legs were supposed to be licorice, but I couldn't find it (the day before the party). NOTE: Chocolate legs are very fragile and will break. They were super cute though! 2. Brady's spray painted boots cracked and peeled off 5 minutes after putting them on. Lesson learned! As soon as I dropped him off at school I ran to Walmart for some white duct tape. It took an hour to carefully tape just the white part, but they where done and ready to wear for the party. AND Saturday night at the Harvest Festival he won BEST COSTUME for his age group!!!!!!! I was way more excited than he was. It was nice to be acknowledged for all the painting, cutting, sewing, gluing, and stitching I did! The reward was a bag of Nestle Crunch candy bars for that got him excited.
3. Friday afternoon I decided I had better get started on my pumpkin bowling booth. I had no ideas other than I wanted it to have a "vintage look". I went to Hobby Lobby hoping to find something quick and easy. The black and white checkered paper is Christmas wrapping paper. Easy right? Well, I knew it would get tore up in no time so I covered the entire thing with clear packaging tape. Row after row of clear tape. It took two hours! I got the idea of colored duct tape from doing Brady's boots. And the signs were easy. I just printed off the letters, cut them out, and glued them to some scrap booking paper I bought over a year ago. The lighted "Let's Bowl" sign was a huge hit! It is foam board that I poked holes through and then added the Christmas lights. And guess what??? I won the BEST BOOTH prize!!! $25 gift card to Walmart! I probably only won something because I worked so hard on it and nobody else (except the cake walk) decorated their booths. Yeah, sad is that! Oh well, yaaaay for me!

4. Preston is on his way to Wichita, KS as I type. He has a final interview in the morning! I always "try" to not get excited and sometimes it works, but I am feeling unusually hopeful today. I could be moving to Kansas in just a few weeks!!! I never imagined myself living in KS and it will be an adjustment for sure. See, I am already talking like he got the job! I need to stop before I start searching for the perfect house to buy. LOL!

5. Friday I will be going "home"! Well, at least to the town I grew up in. It isn't home anymore and that makes me a little sad. But when you can't do anything about it, it doesn't do any good to be anything but happy and thankful for what I do have. We are going to a football game at my old high school and celebrate my dad's bday. On Saturday we are going to Enid to see more family (Hi!) and celebrate Preston's dad's bday!

6. Please do not decide to "drop in" to visit us, at least for a few days! I know I really don't need to worry about this happening, being the closest family we have 2.5 hrs. away, but I just wanted to warn you all. My house hasn't been cleaned in over a week due to the Halloween madness I put upon myself, my lack of organizational skills, and procrastination. That said, I better go feed my starving kids. ; )


  1. Talking about getting caught up! I had to get caught up on your blog! You guys have been busy fun!! Sounds like being creative is a piece of cake to you now! Brady and Maddies costumes and shoes ADORABLE! Keep live laugh love and crafting!! Dixie

  2. Thanks Dixie! What were Daisy and Erickson this year? Can't wait to see pictures!!!